Motivity came from my own struggles as a small business owner. As an entrepreneur, I found myself juggling multiple projects at once – in my construction and service businesses. My teams were spread out and often in the field (architects, foreman, subcontractors). Communication and alignment were critical but no time for emails or phone calls.

We were all moving constantly, so mobile became our medium – mainly group texting. But messaging was never enough: unanswered requests, misunderstood priorities, unclear ownership and missed deadlines. We tested task management tools, but they were too complicated – built for the office, not the field.

Finally, it hit me. For teams on the move, the options are either too simple or too complex. We’re missing a tool that provides structure and accountability, while keeping the simplicity and flexibility of texting. The rest is history.


Small businesses power our economy and society. They produce our homes, meals and our most memorable events. They fix what’s broken, maintain our spaces and get things done.

Motivity’s purpose is to power small businesses - to help them flourish with frictionless, impactful teamwork. From contractors, electricians and roofers - to event-planners, hotel managers and restaurant owners – we enable productivity in motion.


Alex Samoilov

Founder and CEO

Alex is a serial entrepreneur in technology, media and real estate. He loves building things and solving unmet market needs – from mobile apps to construction projects. Outside work, Alex loves spending time with his family, skiing and yacht sailing.

David Britton

Chief Product Officer

David has launched & scaled consumer and SaaS products with millions of users. He’s passionate about decoding customer needs and crafting compelling solutions. In his free time, Dave enjoys reading, volunteering and traveling the world.