Stay on track,
wherever work takes you

Easy collaboration for small businesses on the move.
Get your team organized, aligned and productively happy.

Get Organized

A single place for team messaging, tasks and files.
Create groups and projects to manage teamwork.

Stay aligned

Track requests, commitments and jobs well done.
Ensure accountability with team reminders and alerts.

Extend your impact

Invite your customers and partners to collaborate.
Share updates and keep track of everyone’s tasks.

Motivity is made for teams in motion

Don't drown in text , emails end chat made for the desktop.
Simplify your teamwork and work smarter with Motivity.




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  • Unlimited groups & users
  • Unlimited file sharing
  • Easier Invoicing and Faster Payments
  • Free video & audio chat
  • Easy task management
  • Smart reminders & alerts